5.5 Inch Premier Wood Stirrers Box Set5.5寸高級木攪拌棒盒裝

Size: 5.5 Inch premium polished round-end birch wood stirrers.

Quantity: 500 pieces per box

Thickness: 2.3mm, study

Only bends when apply with force, doesn't break easily

Minimal to no splinters. Does not melt or break in half when in contact with hot beverage

Minimal to no wood dust fall out during stirring. Doesn't make your hot beverage taste like wood

Unique Dispenser Design. Easy to take out stirrers and ready to use! Huge money saver!

尺寸: 5.5寸高級拋光圓頭樺木攪拌棒

數量: 一盒500支

厚度: 2.3毫米,非常紮實





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